Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Preschool Movement Challenge #resvt #cesuvt

This year the preschool curriculum at Richmond Elementary School has had a strong focus on "growing healthy bodies." This focus is woven throughout the social/emotional, prereadiness skills and language components of the curriculum.

Since returning from February vacation, preschoolers and their teachers have participated in daily movement routines and have adjusted their schedule so they can play outside every day. The result of these efforts was the Preschool Movement Challenge. Mrs. Self and the preschoolers led an enthusiastic audience of RES staff members and kindergartners in a movement routine that celebrated healthy bodies and healthy minds. Preschool scholars also plan to send a letter and video to Michelle Obama in Washington DC! The first lady has recently announced her efforts and initiatives for helping kids exercise at school.

Thank you RES preschoolers! We enjoyed your Movement Challenge!

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