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Richmond Elementary School prides itself on sharing information, stories and resources with the community about what happens in its walls.  Through social media we hope to not only connect with families and friends, but also model appropriate and powerful use of these tools for our scholars and families.  Each episode features some information and stories about RES.  Please enjoy!

Episode 001: Our very's a quick listen!

Episode 002:
Here's a past article that describes some of the ongoing work CESU schools are doing with Beth Moore:…ofessional.html
Universal Design for Learning - Richmond Elementary School will be working with the Vermont Higher Education Collaborative to dig into Universal Design for Learning. There are several UDL websites to explore, but this is a good place to start

Episode 003: Take a listen to the sounds around RES on the first days of school 2014

Episode 004: We visit preschool to learn a bit from our youngest scholars

Episode 005:  The Bear Trap story: Superintendent John Alberghini shares his storytelling skills with third grade scholars

Episode 006: The Gingerbread Man!

Episode 007: Erosion science with our third grade scholars and RES as a community of readers

Episode 008: What are the most valuable parts of a parent-teacher conference?

Episode 009: Mr. Alberghini returns to celebrate the end of a third grade writing unit and we hear some original stories from our very own scholars.

Episode 010: Pilgrims and SBAC  In this episode we travel back in time to listen to some grade studies in our Founding Families unit and then to the future to hear a bit about the SBAC assessments.

Episode 011: Vermont P.E. Teacher of the Year - Brian Godfrey receives an award for his work and dedication to our scholars

Episode 012: Tikki Tikki Tembo -  RESVT Podcast SHORTS episode featuring some great storytelling and student interactions:

Episode 013: Author Juli Brenning visits RES and answers a bunch of questions from our scholars:

Episode 014: Preschool Meteorologists - This episode was one of our most popular and features several students exploring their world

Episode 015: Student Travelers  First and fourth grade scholars travel the globe in this episode, exploring our grand world.

Episode 016: Big Bad Bob the Bullfrog -  A return storytelling performance by our Superintendent John Alberghini.  This episode is in two parts (people have been listening to part 2 and missing the first part of the story).  Long episode but worth it!

Episode 017: MLK RESVT Shorts  - An episode of our SHORTS programming, featuring Kindergarten scholars remembering Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy.

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