Terracycle Information

For over 6 years the Richmond Elementary School has been collecting Terracycle items in their classrooms.
Terracycle is an upcycle program where, what would be waste, is turned into other items such as plastic recycling bins, tote bags, clipboards, etc. Check out their website to learn more: www.terracycle.com.

As a community, we have raised over $1,316 and saved over 79,839 pieces of trash from the landfill. All proceeds support our Richmond Food Shelf, another win-win!

We collect the following items and only these exact items. Please follow this list.

Items we collect in the CLASSROOMS:
·  Juice pouches with straws (Like Capri Sun)
·  Granola bar wrappers
·  GoGo Squeez
·  Elmer's glue bottles/sticks (Elmer's brand only)
·  Tape dispensers
·  Pens, markers, mechanical pencils

We also can collect items from 
Items can be left in the Terracycle bin located outside the main front school door or inside the school in Terracycle bin located by the Lost and Found.

We only take the items specifically on this list.  PLEASE follow it exactly.

Drink Pouches/Straws (Capri Sun type) 
Granola Bar Wrappers 
Cereal Bags (bags inside box) 
Gogo Squeez 

Office Supplies 
Pens/Markers/Highlighters/Mechanical Pencils 
Inkjet Cartridges 
Tape Dispensers/Cores 

Cleaning Products 
Pumps, Triggers, Liquid Soap and Detergent Caps 

Dental Products 
Toothpaste Tubes and Caps 
Toothbrushes and Packaging 
Floss Containers 
Mouthwash Bottles and Caps 

Personal Care Products 
Hair Product Tubes 
Makeup Cases (lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, etc.) 
Lip Balm Tubes 
Plastic Deodorant Containers 
Sunscreen Tubes 

Contact Cathy Aikman at catherineaikman@gmail.com  or Susan Whitman at
snowkeller2001@yahoo.com with questions or if you want to volunteer with us. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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