Saturday, May 30, 2015

“Father” - “Daughter” Dance --THIS FRIDAY!

Celebrate Spring and community at the “Father” - “Daughter” Dance!
 Friday, June 5th, 2015
Camels Hump Middle School
6:00 - 9:00pm

Don’t miss this GREAT evening and wonderful community event. Preregister here and save money!

 We would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you could sign up on the following form to help out:

The funds raised from the dance/basket raffle will support the following programs:
-      Principal's Fund - student scholarships and extracurricular activities
-      Teacher's Fund – supports enriching activities in the classroom
-      Four Winds Natural Science hands-on science education about the natural world around us

We still need folks to:
-            bring baked goods – LOTS OF ‘EM!!!
-            bring basket raffle items  - complete list on sign-up genius or see below for ideas. We’ve got three baskets to raffle - one for little girls, one for big girls and one for “Dads”.
-            volunteer to help out at the dance – setting up, cleaning up, selling tickets etc.

Let’s make this an extra special night for all those great GUYS and “little” GALS!!!

OR contact Denise Noble 434-8440 or to let her know you’d be THRILLED to help out!

We’ve only got a few items for the baskets which have turned into a highlight of the evening. We still need lots of basket items. Some ideas:

Items needed for Baskets (or come up with another idea).
-          Papa McKees Pizza Gift Card (all three baskets)
-          movie gift card  (all three baskets)
-          Basket in which to put all the goodies (all three baskets)

Little Girl Basket:
-          Arts and Crafts Kit
-          Jewelry
-          Hair Accessories (barrettes, pony tail holders, headbands)
-          Little Purse 

Big Girl Basket: (pre-teen- adults)
-          Hair Accessories (Big Girl Styles)
-          Fragrant Soap/lotion                      
-          Blank Note Cards 
-          Pen

“Dads” Basket:
-          Fun Drink - ginger beer, local root beer - something fun
-          Local Jerky or Sausage                  
-          Coupon/Gift Cert for Pizza at Papa McKees
-          Deck of Cards/Poker chips                       
-          Local Cheese                        
-          VT Coffee                
-          Dick's Gift Certificate (for any amount - it's the thought that counts) 
-          Fishing Gear                         
-          Golf balls, tees etc. Something little to take golfing   

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