Friday, May 29, 2015

Thank You RES Volunteers and Community! #resvt #mmmusd #vted

To all our volunteers, guest teachers, families and community members,

Richmond Elementary School is lucky to be in a community as supportive as Richmond.  Our staff and students both know and feel that support on a daily basis. The Richmond community and families show this support in various ways.  Some volunteer time at school supporting learners and educators in many different ways, from working in our library to reading with scholars in the classroom.  Others attend evening events, work at fitness activities, chaperone field trips or provide valuable feedback to our educators and staff that help us craft the best possible experiences for our scholars.  Guest teachers step in to support our learners in many, many different ways with a moment's notice. No matter the manner of your involvement and support, please know that you are sincerely appreciated. Every investment you made in RES will serve to inspire the success of our scholars for many years to come.  Thank you!

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