Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ZippSlip Comes to RES #resvt #cesuvt #vted
Richmond Elementary School is proud to be the first school in Vermont to launch a new communication system named ZippSlip. ZippSlip is a platform that will allow you to fill out all our school forms online without repeating the same information, and will allow us to easily send messages to you. Not only is it fast and simple, but it supports our goal of being a paperless school and saves you time by eliminating redundant paperwork.

As part of our launch, we've put our forms for new and returning students online and ask that you fill them out and submit them as soon as possible. You can use your computer, laptop, cell phone, or tablet to complete them online. As the year goes on, we'll use it to tell you about upcoming events and activities, and help you keep in touch with your student's/school's activities.

To get started, we'll send you an email with your login and password. If you don't get an email, that means we don't have your latest contact information, so you can email and request an account. Mention that it's for CESU, and the name of your student(s).

Please call 434-2461 or send a note with your child if you would prefer to complete your registration forms on paper.

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