Sunday, November 23, 2014

RESVT Podcast E013: Author Juli Brenning Visits #RESVT #vted #cesuvt #resreads

Recently Richmond Elementary School had the amazing opportunity to host author, Juli Brenning as a visiting writer.  Juli's book Maggi and Milo has been a hit with our scholars.  More than that, Juli's willingness to share her craft has helped us continue to inspire the young writers in our learning community!

Well before her visit, scholars were listening to and exploring Maggi and Milo.  Juli had shared materials and ideas with our educators leading up to her visit.  Students and educators dove into her world and learned a great deal about the story, natural curiosity and writing.

On the day of her visit, Juli was able to meet with different grades and share more detail about how the world of Maggi and Milo came into existence.  Everyone was full of questions for our visiting author.

We were also fortunate to be able to have some time with Juli to ask more questions and see if she had any tips for our scholars as they think about their writing future.  Listen to the full interview here:

We can't thank Juli enough.  Allowing our scholars to interact with writers further helps inspire and bring forth the stories that we know each of our young learners has inside of them.  Thank you Juli!  We can't wait for the further adventures of Maggi and Milo!!!

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