Sunday, June 12, 2016

Enrichment Feedback Form Still Open!

I have gotten some great questions and ideas....please keep them coming! The enrichment feedback form below will be open for two more weeks. Thanks to everyone who has already filled it out!

The enrichment program at RES continues to evolve as we develop a program that best meets the needs of students and teachers.  In class we routinely ask students for feedback about lessons and projects.  Parents and community members feedback is equally important and will influence the direction of the program as it continues to grow. We appreciate all feedback--positive and negative--and ask that it be given constructively so that we can use it to improve and learn.  If you want to extend the discussion beyond this feedback form, please contact .

The last two years I submitted a similar survey to our community, and made direct changes to my programming as a result of your comments. I value our community--please share your ideas with me.

Survey time:  5 minutes tops-- to help our students!

Thanks so much.
Darcie Rankin, Enrichment Teacher

To take the survey, you can click on this link:

OR, in most applications simply fill out this embedded Google Form:

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