Sunday, September 30, 2012

Don't Forget to Sign Up for Session 1 After School Enrichment

 The RES after school enrichment program has a large variety of classes taught by teachers, parents and community members!  Session 1 begins on Monday October 8th.  Sign up forms have been sent home and slots will be filled on a "first come - first served" basis.  The deadline for returning forms is Thursday October 4th.

Check out all of our great offerings for this session:

Celtic Dance:  Learn a variety of Celtic Dance steps in this energetic class! Beginners are welcome.  (Gr K-2)
Shoelace Tying and Games in the Gym:  Practice tying your shoelaces and play a variety of games in the gym with Mrs. Riell! (Gr K -1)
Legos and Board Games:  Create, build and explore with Legos and play a variety of board games.  (Gr K-2)
Cooking:  Join us in the cafeteria kitchen to cook a variety of recipes, including banana and pumpkin bread (Gr 1-2)
Crafts and Games with your Doll:  Students will bring in their favorite doll, and we will make different things for it each week (Gr 2-3)
School Garden Extensions:  Are you interested in food? Do you like getting your hands dirty? Do you want to help make the school garden stronger, bigger, and better? This class will have students working in the garden and the kitchen classroom, harvesting the last produce, planting for next spring and utilizing ingredients from the garden in simple recipes (Gr 1-4)
Yoga:  Yoga Kids is a playful way to learn and practice yoga. We play games, create stories, and move our bodies. Our yoga encompasses nature, whether we are in a dog pose or floating through the ocean. Every class is a new experience with elements of what we have learned. We end each class with relaxation and visualizations (Gr 2-4)
Recycled Art:  Trash? Or Treasure? Join us for recycling used packaging into art and one-of- a- kind treasures. We'll be remaking plastic, glass, paper and tin into cool new creations! (Gr 3-4)
Frogs and Salamanders:  Learn to recognize by sight and sound our most common amphibian neighbors, explore their life cycles, and learn where to find them at different points in the year. This class will include one or two field trips, taking a short school-bus ride to a nearby site.  (Gr 3-4)
RES News Team:  Do you like to get the scoop? Are you good at finding the story? From reporting to investigating, interviewing to photographing—this is the activity for you! We will be exploring what goes into a school newspaper, including graphic layout, and putting together our own RES newsprint, using school technology(Gr 3- 4)

If you have questions please contact Darcie Rankin at

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