Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seeking FOCUS Classroom Connectors!

We are currently actively seeking connectors for the following classrooms:
Mrs. Self (PreK) am
Mrs. Hackett
Mrs. Riggs
Mrs. Robinson
Mrs. Ankerson
Mrs. Erickson
Ms. Senning
Mrs. Berliner
Please consider this opportunity to become a classroom connector!
*Meet and get to know parents, teachers, staff and community members that share the goal of student success at RES
*Support your student's classroom teacher

*Forward FOCUS information to the classroom teacher and parents (for example: details about an upcoming event, a request for volunteers to bake, etc).
*Respond to teacher requests
*Communicate teacher requests to parents via email (for example: to collect materials for a class party, seeking classroom support for an activity, etc)
You may be asking…..
What if FOCUS is looking for a first grade parent volunteer, I send out the note, and no one responds. Do I have to do the task?
No! As the connector, your job is to support finding resources. No one expects you to be the resource. You are already volunteering your time as the classroom connector.
Do I have to attend FOCUS meetings?
No! This year instead of having FOCUS meetings, we have decided to have grade level pot lucks.  We would love your help in getting a sign up together for this one time event, but there are no meetings to attend! If however you want to be involved in more of the planning of events, please consider being part of our FOCUS leadership team.

SIGN ME UP!  If you are willing to be the connector for your child’s classroom….please email Darcie Rankin at

Thanks for considering this important volunteer opportunity at RES!

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