Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attention Fourth Grade Families #resvt #cesuvt #skivt

Dear  Parents/Guardians and Scholars,
                 Winter is almost upon us and snow could be covering the ground any day.  This winter I’m inviting our 4th grade scholars to join me in piloting a ski/snowboard program at RES.  Scholars will go skiing/snowboarding at Cochran’s three times this winter on Friday afternoons during school.   The intention of this program is to test the feasibility of creating a ski/snowboard program at RES on a larger scale next school year.
                Why ski/snowboard during the school day?  Skiing/snowboarding can be a very enriching experience for both kids and adults.  In addition, both provide fun but vigorous exercise, promote lifetime fitness, and allow scholars to enjoy the outdoors with their peers.  This program will not replace the current after- school ski program at RES. Its intention is to ensure that all scholars at RES receive the opportunity to experience the joy of skiing and to emphasize the importance of engaging in physical activity.
This program is possible due to help from the great people at Cochran’s, who have volunteered to open early and give us a very affordable rate.  I appreciate the 4th grade teachers and Mr. Berry for volunteering to participate in this pilot program and for supporting this initiative.
So what’s next?  I’ve contacted some parents who have expressed interest in being part of creating a ski/snowboard program at RES.  I’m looking to create a small group of interested parents who can help me get this idea off the ground.  The only thing holding us back right now is raising $1,500 to pay for this year’s program. This will include use of the mountain and ski/snowboard rentals.  I have some fundraising ideas for both the short term and for next year.
If you’re interested in helping, please email me at or stop by school and let me know in person.

Thanks for your support!!!

Brian Godfrey

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