Thursday, December 12, 2013

Third Grade Authors Share Nonfiction Texts #cesuvt #resvt #vted

This morning, the library was abuzz as third grade authors shared their nonfiction books with families and friends, the culmination of writing workshop for the last two months.  Student authors were immersed in nonfiction during reading workshop, learning the various parts of nonfiction books from mentor authors.  In writing workshop, student authors researched information on an organism, and practiced organizing books using a table of contents, writing strong leads and making sure that each chapter was connected by the book's main idea. Again, authors returned to mentor texts to learn how the experts (real authors) tackled these tasks.  As the publication date neared, authors worked to revise and edit their books, and to include text features (diagrams, maps, illustrations) to help their readers understand.  Third grade authors were quite proud sharing their books!  Thank you to the families, friends, and VIPs who took time to share our books with us today.

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