Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thank You! #resvt #cesuvt

Holiday Generosity:  A warm thank you to all of the RES Elves, the Holy Rosary Elves, the Richmond Family Medicine Elves, the Champlain Valley Telecom Elves, the Richmond Food Shelves Elves and to the many Elves  who called to help.  Because of your generosity and caring a  community of children ripped paper off new winter coats and LEGO’s and dolls and Banagrams and telescopes and warm boots and new sleds and favorite books and so many, many  other wonderful holiday gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.  They ate plates of spaghetti and crispy grilled cheese sandwiches and drank hot cocoa during the holiday break as they played with their toys.  

To all of you who helped make this possible a warm thank you and know that it is very, very much appreciated by families.  I am honored with the privilege each year on insuring that the request and donations are matched and delivered and it never ceases to amaze me what folks in this community do.   Something else I want to share: a mom who has been helped in the past through this program and is now back as an Elf this year and donated gifts.  

Thank you to all.

Diane Kane, RES Guidance Counselor

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