Saturday, February 22, 2014

RES Jump Rope for Heart #resvt #cesuvt #vted

Today the Enrichment Jump Rope Group had their annual assembly to recognize the importance of heart health and fitness!  

We began the assembly with a big thank you to Mrs. Jill Danilich, who planned some amazing "Olympic events" for gym classes this week.  There was biathlon, curling, and bobsledding!   Fun for all and GREAT exercise! 

Then, the jumpers from grades 3 and 4 shared their jumping talents with the school and celebrated their successful Jump Rope for Heart campaign, which, combined with our school's Go Red campaign, raised over $800.00 !!!  Thank you to everyone who helped to support this program, and to the American Heart Association for their work to keep people motivated and educated when it comes to heart healthy lifestyles and habits!  We also had a special guest with us today at our assembly.

 Mrs. Bev Goodwin visited RES, and told us she started jump roping when she was a young girl.  She still enjoys turning the rope now, and showed us her fancy jumping.  Amazing! 

 Good work,  everyone!   Have a nice break!

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