Monday, March 3, 2014

Check out the RES Science Fair! This Thursday!

The RES Science Fair is fast approaching! On Thursday March 6th, students and their families will be sharing their love of science. The fair is not just for people who created projects....come out and support these students and have fun learning about the science that is important to our kids!

Here is the schedule of events:
5:15-5:45:  Check In and Exhibits Set up in the Gymnasium (Participants only)
5:45 -6: 45 pm:  Explore Student Exhibits (and grab a bake sale goodie to support the FOCUS Teacher Fund-Donations Appreciated!)
6:45pm:  Passport Prizes Awarded  
6:50- 7 pm:  Clean Up

Check out some of the awesome topics that will be on display!

Hot Wheels
Cleaning Coins
Wild Cats!
  Swimming Raisins
I Built Legos!                       
St. Bernards
 “Save the Superheroes”
Lava Lamp
The Catapult Experiment
Growing Crystals
Where Do Shells Come From?
Take Apart Science
Life Cycle of Fairy Shrimp           
Penny High Dive
Water Density and Eggs
The Solar System
Endangered Animals
Tarantula vs. Scorpion
Planets and the Solar System
Bearded Dragon
Eddy Currents and Lenz Law
 Beautiful Bubbles
Electricity at Home
Formation of the Solar System
Static Electricity            
Amazing Crystals
The Anatomy of a Ski
Singing Shells
How Things Fly

AND, CHMS Engineering Club presents information about their after school club!

See you at the fair!!!

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