Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thinking Spring? Think Skiing!!! RES Snow Motion Fundraiser

Mr. Godfrey is working hard to bring skiing and snowboarding to all students at RES.  He has made a great video to describe his program...Check it out here:

This winter RES piloted a ski/snowboard program at Cochran’s that we named Snow Motion, promoting life time fitness and increasing opportunities for physical activity in and out of the school day.  Snow Motion is free to scholars and occurs during the school day to eliminate barriers created by lack of equipment, transportation, disability, and other factors. (Currently, nearly 50% of our student population has never been on the slopes).
Please consider pledging to support this program.  Mr. G  has made it easy to donate you can send this video and the below link to extended family members who would love to support RES, after you pledge your own support! Give those grandparents and aunts and uncles a chance to see the great activities that are happening at RES! Online pledges can be received here: 

 OR Checks can be made out to Richmond Elementary School Note: Walk-a-Thon and sent to your classroom teacher at anytime!

** We want to keep our efforts both positive and safe, so ask that you do not do any door to door fundraising.  Feel free to ask family and friends if they would like to help support our efforts.  **
AND, Mr.G will work with any student or groups of students who are interested in customizing their own pages to send out to family and friends--just let him know at school or via email!

Thanks in advance for supporting an awesome, and growing, physical education program at RES!!!

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