Thursday, August 28, 2014

TerraCycle at #resvt #cesuvt #vted
Hi Everyone!  We are excited to be doing TerraCycle again at RES this year.  

Not only does TerraCycle help the environment, it teaches our children to care for the earth.  

This year, some of the items we are able to collect have changed.  For example, we are no longer able to take chip bags.  Please take a moment to read the exact items we are able to send to TerraCycle.  You will now also be able to find this list on our school blog.  If you look at the top of our blog you'll see a TerraCycle tab, dedicated to TerraCycle information so that it's easier for families to locate.

We ask that you please rinse out yogurt containers, and cut the tops off of juice pouches and rinse them out also.  

Thank you for supporting TerraCycle at home and in your classrooms!  All proceeds support the local food shelf!

In classrooms and cafeteria we will collect:

Juice pouches
Granola bar wrappers
Yogurt containers
Cheese wrappers
GoGo Squeez
Elmer's glue bottles/sticks
Tape dispensers
Pens, markers, mechanical pencils

This is the current list of items we collect from home.  Items can be left at the Richmond Town Office Building or in the TerraCycle trash bin located by the lost and found at RES.

Items Currently Collected (updated August 2014)
Juice pouches/straws (Capri Sun type)
Granola bar/energy bar wrappers
Yogurt containers/lids (rinsed)
Dairy tub containers/lids (please rinse)
Cereal bags and cereal bag liners
Cheese bags (including individual string cheese)/ foil and plastic cheese packaging
GoGo Squeez
Pumps, caps, triggers, pouches from cleaning products
Toothpaste tubes/lids, toothbrushes, floss packaging, mouthwash bottles/lids
Deodorant packaging (no cans)
Shampoo/conditioner bottles/tops
Lotion containers/lids (all types including tubes and jars)
Sunscreen tubes/containers with lids
Makeup containers (lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner pencils, etc.)
Chap stick type tubes
Hand soap dispensers and pumps
Shaving foam tubes (no cans)
Plastic tape dispensers and cores
Ink jet cartridges
Pens, mechanical pencils, markers (all types)
Elmers glue sticks and bottles (Elmers brand only)

Please follow the list exactly.  We do not accept (or want) anything else.
Contact Karen at with any questions or suggestions.

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