Friday, April 24, 2015

RESVT Episode 024 National Poetry Month Part 2 and Jeh Kulu #nationalpoetrymonth #vted #edchat

What an amazing week at RES just before the vacation.  Not only was it National Poetry Month, but we also had the pleasure and honor of hosting Jeh Kulu for a week as our Artists in Residence.  In this episode of the RESVT Podcast we hear from third grade scholars as they share original poems with the world.  After that we listen in on the powerful experience our students and staff experienced with Jeh Kulu.

We have many people to thank from this episode:

  • Thank you third grade scholars for your poems, your bravery and your imaginations
  • All the educators at RES for what you do!
  • the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for their sponsorship and support
  • Jeh Kulu...thank you, thank you, thank you!  Be sure to check out their site at for upcoming events and information
  • POMG Bike Tours
  • Fall Fun Run Participants
  • the Flynn Education Department
  • Champlain Investment Partners
  • the Fleming Art Museum Education Department
  • Brian Godfrey, Sherry Harris, Joanna Elliot, Beth Redford and Chris Arthur for connecting unified arts instruction with our amazing artists in residence
  • Karyl Kent and the RES cafeteria staff for providing a traditional West African meal for our school community
  • Classroom teachers for providing time and space for this opportunity
  • Darcie Rankin for her hard work in organizing and supporting our scholars and learning community
There were lots of posts about the Jeh Kulu visit...amazing photos and videos.  Check them out here:

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