Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Late Start Reminder for Wednesday, September 9th

Wednesday September 9th
Chittenden East: all schools in Bolton, Jericho, Huntington, Richmond and Underhill

Reminder: All school start times will be exactly 2 hours later on Wednesday September 9th
Late Start Reminder
TomorrowWednesday, September 9th will be the first of several late start days. 

Only students who signed up for the Four Winds program will be picked up according to the schedule below if they were signed up for busing. School doors open as usual for these students at 7:30.

Building doors will open at 9:30 for students who were not signed up for the Four Winds program. School will begin at 9:50. Snacks will be available for students who would like to purchase them. 

This schedule will be in effect on each late start day, which includes October 14th,November 11th, December 9thJanuary 13th, February 10thMarch 9th, April 13th, and May 11th. Buses will pickup students two hours later than their normal pickup time.

​Early Bus Pickup Schedule
Route 1
(6:55 ) Jct Stage/Notch
5430 Stage
517 Stage
to Bolton Mtn (7:20)
to Smilie (7:30)  
East Main 3455 East Main
to Jct Lily Pond  
Richmond Village Lemroy 

93 East Main  
​Route 2
East Hill to Sherwood (6:55)
1093 East Hill
Christmas Hill
555 Hinesburg Rd  
Old Farm (7:05) turn around
To Maple Hill  
Cemetery Rd Jct. Hinesburg Rd
Collins Mtn  
Jct Cemetery & Hillview (7:11)
Hillview 384 Hillview
Hillview Jct. Williams Hill
699 Hillview
1398 Hillview
2617 Huntington Rd (7:20)
1190 Huntington Rd
Jct Lawrence
Richmond Village (7:25) (includes Junctions of  Borden
Pleasant To RES/CHMS (7:35)

Route 3
Gov Peck into Riverview (7:05)
to Johnnie Brook (7:10)
602 West Main
932 West Main
Baker & Tilden at Jct with Main(7:20)
to Jericho Rd to Southview/Hidden Pines(7:25)
65 Westall
757 South View
64 Hidden Pines
to 2222 Jericho Rd
Jct Sadlar Meadow
to RE
/CHMS (7:40)

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