Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Message From Chittenden East

Vermonters Encouraged to Prepare for Possible Storm

Track of Hurricane Sandy highly uncertain

WATERBURY, VT – Vermont Emergency Management is encouraging Vermonters to prepare for any possible adverse effects from Hurricane Sandy. The storm is forecast to move up the east coast throughout the weekend and make landfall in the northeast early next week.

The National Weather Service reports that where the storm will make landfall, and what exact effects may be felt in Vermont are highly uncertain at this point. However, it is likely Vermont will see a significant amount of rain and high winds between Monday night and Wednesday.

“We won’t know until this weekend exactly what we can expect from this storm, so we are preparing for anything,” Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn said. “My staff will continue to follow the storm throughout the weekend and we are preparing our possible response as if the worst-case scenario will occur.”

Vermont Emergency Management has been working with the National Weather Service this week to track the possible scenarios for the storm. VEM has also reached out to other state agencies, local Emergency Management Directors, and other emergency response partners to keep them abreast of the possibility of an emergency response early next week.

Individuals are encouraged to stay tuned to local media to track the progress of the storm.

“Vermonters should always be prepared for anything,” Vermont Emergency Management Director Joe Flynn said. “With this storm we are fortunate that we have time to get ourselves ready. This weekend would be an ideal time to do things like clear leaves from storm drains and remove anything from lawns that could blow around and do some damage. Those simple steps alone could prevent significant damage if the storm is severe.”

Other suggested preparedness actions:

Make sure your family emergency supply kit is stocked with fresh water, batteries, flashlights, and other basic necessities. Every home should have such a kit whether or not a storm is approaching.
Review you family’s emergency plan.
Know a safe route out in case you need to evacuate to higher ground
Establish an out of state contact in case your family is separated
If you lose power and run a generator, make sure it is always run outside and that exhaust is NOT entering the home. Every home should have a carbon monoxide detector.

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