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Odyssey of the Mind Sign-Up Form

Odyssey of the Mind
Team Sign-up form
Odyssey of the Mind
Team Sign-up form

Odyssey of the Mind
Team Sign-up form

Combine building props and technical devices, interesting costumes and live theater with problem-solving, brain-storming and team-work, add in some hard work, toss in TONS OF FUN and you end up with….Odyssey of the Mind (OM). 

The OM program focuses on learning how to solve problems using each student’s creative talents and skills.  Teams of 5-7 students are challenged to solve a Long-Term Problem over a period of several months, and then present their creative and unique solution at the Vermont State OM Tournament (Saturday, March 23, 2013 at CVU). 

By participating, students not only have a FUNtastic time, but learn a variety of valuable life-long skills: thinking outside the box, creative problem-solving, working collaboratively….and so much more!

Student’s Name: ______________________Date of Birth: ____ Grade: ____Phone:_________

Address: _______________________________ City: ____________

Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________Email:_____________________

Parent’s Signature: __________________________   Today’s Date: ____________

Adults are needed to serve as Coaches or Assistant Coaches, or to Judge at the State Tournament.  Training is provided. There is a coaches training at CHMS on 11/10. Please circle the box below if you are interested in either coaching or judging. Coaching is an AMAZING experience.
I am interested in Coaching
I am interested in Judging

Please rank your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of Long-Term Problem. (see descriptions below)

Pet Project
Vehicle problem
The Email Must Go Through
Technical Problem
ARTchitecture the Musical
Classics Problem
Structure Problem
It’s How You Look At It
Theatrical Problem
Top Sea-cret Discoveries (K-2 only)
Primary/Noncompetitive problem

Every child who signs up will be placed on a team. If you would like to make your own team: please attach a separate piece of paper with the names of your team members (from 5 to 7 total) AND a coach. No teams will be accepted without a coach.  Please note that additional members may be added to your team.

Please return this form and a $15 payment (payable to RES FOCUS*) in the school to home folder to Denise Noble. You will be contacted very soon with more information on your OM team!

This is such an amazing program and it’s incredible to watch how the kids learn and grow together over such a short time.  Thanks for joining and LET THE CREATIVITY BEGIN!

OM Long-Term Problems Synopses

Problems range in focus to appeal to a variety of students.  A synopses of this year’s Long-Term problems follows:

·         Pet Project - Teams must design, build, and run three vehicles that will deliver parts to an Assembly Area. The parts will be assembled into a pet animal which will perform a trick.
·         The Email Must Go Through – Teams must create and present an original performance that includes a technical representation of three messages being sent by email - one that requires a return receipt, one with a work of art as an attachment, and one that goes through a SPAM filter.
·         ARTchitecture: The Musical - Teams must create and present an original performance with music and choreography that includes a replica of a documented architectural structure that was built between 1,000 AD and 1,600 AD. The performance will include three works of art that "disappear" and two characters that go on a quest to find them.
·         Tumble-wood - Teams will design and build a structure made of only balsa wood and glue that will balance and support as much weight as possible. Before weight placement begins, the team will present a commercial that includes the structure rolling down a ramp.
·         It's How You Look at It – Teams must create and present an original humorous performance that includes two characters that act naturally -- to them -- but odd to those around them.
·         Sea-cret Discoveries (Primary Problem for grades K-2)– Teams must create and present a performance that includes exploring the ocean and making discoveries. Along the way, they will encounter three different types of sea life and a humorous Captain character. Teams will also create an original reason for the ocean’s waves and make a silly discovery that they have to help keep secret.

For a GREAT video on more about OM, please go to the VT OM web site   and watch the Awareness Video in the Odyssey Information Section. 

Odyssey of the Mind at RES is open to all students in grades K-4. If you have questions, please contact Denise Noble at 434-8440 or  For additional information please contact Tim Perkins, VT Association Director at, 434-4738 or by visiting  

*Scholarship funds are available. Please contact Diane Kane at RES for info on scholarship. 434-2461.

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