Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Odyssey of the Mind Clarification

Odyssey of the Mind
Team Sign-up form

Several people have asked me what days/time Odyssey of the Mind meets so that they can figure out if it will work for their schedules. The answer is that OM can work with any schedule! Teams meet at all different times and places: after school, evenings, weekends, at school, at homes, at the library etc. The opportunities are endless!!  Teams figure out when they want to meet based on the schedules of all the team members and the coach. Most teams meet every week or every other week before January and then usually every week until the tournament in March. This is how the process works:

1.  Sign Up For OM This Week! – (send registration in to RES Coordinator, Denise Noble c/o FOCUS)
2.  RES Coordinator finalizes teams based on registrations
3.  Team Members are contacted about Team placement and Coach
4.  Team Members and Coach for EACH TEAM get connected and figure out when/where they can meet

Please contact Denise Noble with any questions at all (434-8440 or This is an incredible program and it’s so much FUN!!!!

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