Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enrichment Session 2 Enrollment Forms Will Be Sent Home This Week!

 The next session of after school enrichment will begin on Monday January 7th of the new year.  Enrollment forms for this session will be sent home with students THIS WEEK (Week of Dec 17th)!  Please make sure you fill out and return your enrichment form before the holiday break to guarantee a spot in a class !

Here is a preview of the offerings in this session. There is something for everyone!

Celtic Dance:  Learn a variety of Celtic Dance steps in this energetic class! Beginners are welcome.  (Gr K-2)
French Culture:  Let's travel to France and visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the castles on the Loire River, taste some French food and learn to paint like Monet. We'll also learn a French song. (Grades K -2)
Crafts and Games with your Doll:  Students will bring in their favorite doll, and we will make different things for it each week (Gr K-3)
Yoga:  Yoga Kids is a playful way to learn and practice yoga. We play games, create stories, and move our bodies. Our yoga encompasses nature, whether we are in a dog pose or floating through the ocean. Every class is a new experience with elements of what we have learned. We end each class with relaxation and visualizations (Gr K - 2)
Drama:  Developmental drama involves cooperative games and theatre exercises that encourage creativity, imagination and confidence. We explore physical, vocal and emotional skills required to express conceptual ideas. This class is non-goal oriented but builds skills that can be used in the classroom and on the stage. It is also a ton of fun! (Grades K-3)
Breaking:  Learn technique, strengthening, and the finesse of breaking in a supportive class.  Students will learn uprock, toprock, floorwork, freezes and basic power moves!  Taught by Rhythm Riderz B-Boy, Calvin Walker (Gr 2-4)
Weather Exploration:  Explore weather phenomenon through a variety of mediums (Grades 3-4)
Jump Roping:  Learn to jump rope or polish your jump roping skills. There will be lots of fun and exercise for this group. Sneakers a must! This group is for boys and girls! (Grades 3-4)

Please contact Darcie Rankin at with questions.

We look forward to another great session with old and new friends and teachers!

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