Monday, March 11, 2013

Sticky Start to a Monday Morning #resvt #cesuvt

As part of school projects students at RES have already collected 38 gallons of sap! Almost a gallon of syrup already...and a sticky start to Monday morning!

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  1. RES Farm to School hosted two classroom visits last week by Doug Brown of Slopeside Syrup. He spent time with Ms. Gilbar's, Ms. Darby's, and Ms. Erickson's students, talking about the tools of his trade, how sap becomes syrup, and then tapping 4 trees with each class. Doug will boil down the sap for us and RES will receive 50% of the syrup that comes from it. This week, Farm to School will sponsor a field trip for Ms. Robinson's, Ms, Riggs, and Ms. Darling's students to visit Slopeside Syrup right here in Richmond. Thank you Farm to School and thank you Doug!