Sunday, May 5, 2013

Getting to Know Us - Lise Erickson #resvt #cesuvt

Hello! I’m Lise Erickson, a fourth grade teacher at RES. I live in Richmond with my husband

and two dogs, a chocolate lab and a welsh corgi. Our son is currently away at college. When I

am not at school, I love gardening, cooking, photography and travel. Last summer we went to

Iceland and enjoyed exploring the unique landscape and fascinating history.

I came to Vermont to go to UVM and I earned a BA and an MBA there. I also have a Masters

in Education from Saint Michael’s College. I’ve been teaching third and fourth grade at RES

since 2000. Before that I taught grades 2-5 at other Vermont schools. I especially love

teaching Math and Science! I’m on the CESU District Science Committee and the RES

Educational Support Team.

Some of my favorite times are when my students are busy with hands-on science

experiments, or on a field trip to a museum or historic site, or getting together with our

Kinderbuddies to do projects, play games or explore outside. That’s why our class is

called the Explorers!

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