Sunday, June 16, 2013

Terracycle Summer Drop Off #resvt #cesuvt #vted

Did you know that through our recycling efforts we have raised over $700 for the Richmond Food Shelf and saved over 39,000 packages from the landfill.
Just because school is on vacation doesn't mean we stop recycling. Over the summer months, Terracycle items can be dropped off at the Richmond Town Center.

Any questions, please contact Karen Cotrone at
Here is a current list of items collected:

§        Chip/pretzel bags
§        Juice pouches/straws (Capri Sun type)
§        Granola bar/energy bar wrappers
§        Yogurt containers/lids
§        Dairy tub containers/lids
§        Instant oatmeal/hot cereal packets*
§        Cereal bags and cereal bag liners*

§        Makeup containers (lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner pencils, etc.)*
§        Pumps, caps, triggers, pouches from cleaning products*
§        Toothpaste tubes/lids, toothbrushes, floss packaging, mouthwash bottles/lids*
§        Deodorant packaging*
§        Shampoo/conditioner bottles/tops*
§        Lotion containers/lids (all types including tubes and jars)*
§        Sunscreen tubes/containers with lids*
§        Chap stick type tubes*
§        Soap dispensers*
§        Shaving foam tubes (no cans)*

§        Plastic tape dispensers and cores*
§        Ink jet cartridges*
§        Pens, pencils, markers (all types)*

*Denotes a new item

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