Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kindergarten FOCUS Potluck #resvt #vted #cesuvt

We want to thank everyone that was able to join us for our first Kindergarten FOCUS potluck on Tuesday the 8th.  These potlucks are designed to connect families, build community and share information about events and happenings at RES.

At the end of dinner we shared a short presentation with some quick facts about things at RES this year as well as some of the details of past and upcoming FOCUS events.  If people are interested in being a part of FOCUS planning please feel free to contact  Here's the presentation that was shared by Mr. Berry:

The infographic about Common Core is a little crunched, so here is a link to another infographic that helps describe the basics of Common Core State Standards.

Thank you all again and we appreciate the feedback and questions folks had at the end.  Great food, good conversations and a strong sense of community...not a bad way to spend the dinner hour!

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