Monday, March 24, 2014

RES Action Planning #cesuvt #resvt

Under the guidelines of the Equal Educational Opportunity Act (Act 60), Vermont public schools maintain Action Plans that are designed to improve student outcomes.  More information about the action planning process and guidelines can be found at  

Richmond Elementary School continues to seek to improve in all areas of learning and instruction through systematic inquiry and thoughtful action planning.  The following document outlines our previous Action Plan, including details of how we worked toward those goals.  

The second half of the document outlines a draft of our Action Plan goals moving forward.  The rules for action planning require that:

The plan shall be developed using student performance data obtained from state and local assessment and other information related to student performance such as, but not limited to, dropout rate, retention rates, course enrollment patterns, and graduation rates.  

As members of the Chittenden East Supervisory Union, all schools are working toward these goals, aligning our curriculum, professional development and instructional feedback systems accordingly.  

As members of our learning community, each student, staff member, family member and community member in Richmond brings forth valuable insights into how we can achieve these goals for our students.   As part of our Action Plan development we are seeking your ideas and knowledge on HOW we set about achieving these goals.  There are a few ways you can share your ideas:

1. Email with your thoughts, suggestions and/or questions.  Your name will not be shared, but your ideas could make the difference!

2. Set up a time to meet with Michael Berry, RES Principal, to discuss your thoughts.

3. Call to talk with Michael at 434-2461

We’re grateful for the community that we have around us and we know that moving forward requires all of our energy.  Thank you.

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