Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Box Tops Celebration

Our RES community raised over 1000 dollars in our annual Box Top drive!  Today, students were rewarded with hot chocolate parties! Every class had a chance to enjoy some hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Thanks so much to everyone in our school and local community who contributed to this fundraiser.   Special thanks also goes to Rebecca Roose who planned and set up our drive, Sherri Gouse who collected and counted our earnings, Marlene Simson who made an awesome thermometer, Katie LeFrancois and Michael Berry who developed the Boxy the Robot, and the Urbanik family and Robin Pesci who supported collection and counting at various local sites. 

Many people have asked if they should keep collecting, the answer is: YES, KEEP COLLECTING!!  Box Tops collected the rest of the year will be counted in the fall.....and each one will be worth ten cents...so keep clipping and saving them all year long!

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