Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FOCUS Volunteer Opportunities

The mission of the FOCUS organization is to enrich the educational and social experience for all students and to develop a close connection between school, family and community.  FOCUS strives to support the goals of the school and encourage family and community involvement to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

As Spring is upon us we begin to look ahead (to summer!) but also to next school year. There are many opportunities to support our school and we would like you to ask you to please consider volunteering your time in these roles!  

FOCUS Leadership Team Openings for 2014-2015
A message from your FOCUS Co-Chairs:
For the last three years, we have served on the FOCUS leadership team.  For the last two years we have served as the FOCUS Co-Chairs.  We have had two main goals during our time as Co-Chairs. First, we felt it was very important to build and support a greater sense of RES community.  We had a strong desire to create community events that were fun and well attended by all in our school community. We devoted most of our energy to supporting these free events.  We believe that the January movie night, the grade level pot lucks and the kindergarten summer meet ups (as well as our support of the Farm to School's Harvest Festival and Wellness Night) each provided opportunities for a large cross section of families to have fun!

Our second goal was to financially support two existing programs at RES that we felt were very important.  We wanted to continue to support the RES Principals Fund, which provides scholarships for students to attend field trips and extra curricular activities. We wanted to continue to support the Teacher's Fund which funds one hundred dollars for each teacher to purchase enriching activities for students. We utilized bake sales and Box Tops to fund this work.  We also supported the RES Fun Run in the fall and a dance in the spring (in hopes that both these events would have a strong community building component as well as be great fundraisers). 
The FOCUS CoChair position is a two year position...so as we end our term...we are hopeful that some of the programs we have put in place will continue.  We are also happy to support a team in transition!  We both recognize that this sort of work requires new faces and new ideas and we look forward to the energy that a new team will bring to FOCUS! 
Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the FOCUS leadership team! We need your energy!
Darcie Rankin and Rebecca Garavan

 Terracycle Program at RES Seeking Volunteers for 2014-2015

During the time RES has been participating in Terracycle, thanks to the amazing leadership of Karen Cotrone, the Terracycle program at RES has raised over one thousand dollars (collecting over 40,000 packages for  recycling).  This money all goes directly to the Richmond Food Shelf!  It is an amazing connection to our community and a way to help students see the power of recycling.  We are seeking volunteers to help continue this program!

Kindergarten Summer Meet Up Host Families

We are seeking a few families to serve as welcome hosts during our Kindergarten summer meet ups. There will be one weekday and one weekend date in August at 10am.   We will work around your schedule if you can help!

Interested in any of these opportunities?  
Please contact: Darcie Rankin (darcie.rankin@cesuvt.org), Rebecca Garavan (rgaravan66@gmail.com) or Michael Berry (michael.berry@cesuvt.org).

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