Monday, October 27, 2014

National Geographic Bee Coming Up! #geobee #resvt #vted #cesuvt

National Geographic Bee
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It's that time of year again!  RES has maintained a great tradition of student involvement in the National Geographic Bee.  Our fourth grade scholars stretch their learning throughout this challenge each year and we take pride in their efforts and scholarship!  This year we're looking at December 16th and 17th (stay tuned).
Last year, RES scholar Oren Beckwith had the opportunity to compete at the state level competition held on the Middlebury College campus in April of 2014.

Oren at the 2014 statewide competition
The National Geographic Bee site offers many resources for scholars looking to challenge themselves in this year's competition or for those that are just curious about our world!  Check out the following resources:

Geobee Quiz of the Day - Get in the habit of a little daily practice to warm up or just as a great way to stretch your learning!

The Study Corner - Resources galore for the geography bug, classroom teachers and scholars of all ages!

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