Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dear Teachers, Parents, Families, Students and Community Members

April 26, 2013

Dear Teachers, Parents, Families, Students and Community Members,

Mike Berry, Principal at Richmond Elementary School has been selected to serve as the school district Director of Curriculum, Communication and Innovation.  We offer him our congratulations, and appreciate the time he has invested in at Richmond Elementary School.  We are forming a search committee which includes parents, board members, teachers and support staff to find a replacement for his Richmond principal position.  We are looking for individuals who are interested in serving on the search committee.  If you are interested in playing this role, please email Jennifer.Botzojorns@cesuvt.org.  Below please find a tentative timeline for our hiring process.  

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April 29th Initial meeting with interview committee to review process
(2:30-4 pm- if people are unable to attend this meeting, there can be individual meetings)
April 29 - May 19 Committee reviews applications (candidates names kept confidential)
May 19 Committee meets to select candidates for first interview (3:30-6 pm)
May 26 First round of interviews by committee, select finalists (12:30-5:00 pm)
Committee recommends finalists to the superintendent
May 31 Second round: full day visit by candidates w/performance task (all day)
Final candidates visit and all stakeholders provide feedback for superintendent

Here is a link to a draft of our hiring process, once finalized, we will share a link on our website. Once we reach the second round of the process we will make the finalist candidate’s names and resumes public.  Please mark your calendar:  

May 31, 2016
7 am - 8:00 am & 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm.  
Richmond Principal Candidate Meet and Greet

On the 31st of May, finalists for the principal position will visit Richmond Elementary and all parents, families and community members will have the opportunity to meet, ask questions and then provide input.  We will provide detailed information including resumes for each candidate when we are closer to the actual date.

We have always been appreciative of the interest and support from the school and community in Richmond. During times of transition, one always feels uncertainty, however, we are confident we will find an excellent individual to lead the school community for the years to come.
Please do not hesitate to email (jennifer.botzojorns@cesuvt.org) or call 434-2128 if you have any ideas, thoughts or questions.

Looking forward to your participation in this process, I am

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Botzojorns
Assistant Superintendent

Chittenden East Supervisory Union

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