Monday, January 21, 2013

Inservice Day at RES #cesuvt #resvt

The teaching staff of RES spent their inservice day learning and sharing about many different topics.  The morning started with a demonstration of a reader's workshop model of literacy instruction that included  guided reading and individualized reading systems within a classroom.  This was a time for staff to experience and discuss different structures and strategies that are used to support high quality literacy instruction for students.

As the morning continued educators met in vertical teams, ranging from preschool to fifth grade, to engage in cross grade discussions of reading, writing and independence expectations and strategies.  This was an opportunity to view how we are building and developing upon a student's collective learning experience at RES/CHMS and how we can continue to enhance that experience.

Additional inservice topics included a presentation on domestic abuse and components of safety and awareness for all staff.

We look forward to seeing students and families back tomorrow and hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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