Monday, February 4, 2013

Cougar Community Crew #resvt #cesuvt

Each year Officer Rick Greenough, from the Richmond Police Department, and Michael Berry, Richmond Elementary Principal, facilitate a program called the Cougar Community Crew for fourth grade students.  By collaborating with Chris Arthur, RES Music Teacher, and the classroom teachers we are able to provide small groups of fourth grade students the opportunity to do some team building while meeting leaders and public figures from our community.

Officer Greenough serves as the CHMS School Resource Officer.  The opportunity to connect with him prior to enrollment at CHMS is a benefit to all our students and families.  This week the Cougar Community Crew group met with members of Richmond Rescue as part of their CCC time.  All groups will have the opportunity to meet and learn from our rescue staff in the coming weeks.  We appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into making our community safe and caring.

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