Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thanks To All Our Volunteers #resvt #cesuvt #vted

To all our volunteers, guest teachers, families and community members,
Richmond Elementary School is lucky to be in a community that is as supportive as Richmond.  Our staff and students both know and feel that support on a daily basis.  The Richmond community and families show this support in various ways.  Some volunteer time at school supporting learners and educators in many different ways, from working in our library to reading with scholars in the classroom.  Others attend evening events, chaperone field trips or provide valuable feedback to our educators and staff that help us craft the best possible experiences for our scholars.  Guest teachers step in to support our learners in many, many different ways with a moments notice. No matter the manner of your involvement and support please know that you are sincerely appreciated.  Below is a list of names that we'd like to thank; however, this list does not represent that whole group of people that contribute everyday in many ways.

Each of the volunteers listed below will be receiving a small token of our appreciation.  Know that every investment you made in RES will serve to inspire the success of our scholars for many years to come.  Thank you.

Bryan Agran
Cathy Aikman
Stephen Aikman
Susan Amidon
Laura Aridgides
Raechel Barone
Janet Berhhard
Jenifer Botala
Njama Braasch
Lisa Brownell
Cath Burns
Betsy Cabrera
Candice Callahan
Katie Carpenter
Brian Carpenter
Karen Catrone
Jen Clark
Tim Clark
Kathy Clark
Rich Coffin
Shirley Cooke
Ellen Crary
Susan Crawford
Jill Danilich
MaryAnn DeBay
Josh DeBay
Heather Diederich
Linda Donnavan
Heather Drury
Berta Dumas
Brad Elliot
Suzanne Elowson
Lauren Esserman
Jenny Evens-First
Margarita Fernandez
Otie Filkorn
Rich First
Lisa Fletcher
Karin Ford
Kristin Fortin
Wendy Gagliardi
Bob Gagliardi
Lauren Genta
Amy Gifford
Sherri Gouse
Rick Gouse
Amiee Gravel
Meghann Greenough
Liz Halgas
Heather Hamilton
Jenn Hansen
Adriana Hashinaga
Amy Hauf
Jess Hill
Rob Hintze
Ben Hodgdon
Susan Ide
Amy Ide
Paige Kaleita
Adrienne Katz
Steve Keough
Michelle Kessler
Thea Korczykowski
Crystal Krull
Pam Kupiec
Sara Lane
Jen Lavoie
Lisa Lavoie
Katie LeFrancois
Miranda Lescaze
Lori Linn
Claire Mahoney
Mike Marciel
Tammi McKenna
Kathy McLoughlin
Cindy Metayer
Derek Miodownik
Emily Mitchell
Meredith Monahan
Denise Noble
Abby O'Neil
Chris Perron
Rob Pesci
Robin Pesci
Anne Peterson
Danielle Petralia
Joanne Petri
Alice Pollvogt
Fran Pomerantz
Byrd Prentiss
Victoria Prignac
Jed Rankin
Darcie Rankin
Amanda Repp
Kim Robtoy
Shem Roose
Rebecca Garavan
Chantal Ryan
Carrie Sanborn
Julie Schmid
Amy Schwartz
Holly Scudder-Chase
Jan Sibal
Marlene Simson
Renee Slattery
Tam Smith
Ellie Spence
Marcia Spine
Pat Straughan
Laura Subin
Larry Thomson
Rachel Towers
Martha Turner
Elisabete Urbanik
Maggie Van Duyn
Natalie Villeneuve
Julie Waite
Amy Ward
Duncan Wardwell
Julie Welkowitz
Jen West
Billy Wheeler
Ronna Wheeler
Jessica Whitaker
Howard Whitcomb
Brooke White
Lars Whitman
Jackie Windersteen
Christy Witters
Melissa Wolaver
Merideth Woodside
Kristen Workman
Kathryn Wysockey-Johnson
Crystal Young

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